A lot of the sunshine days, a pleasant character of a weather and the rainfall totals create the climate conditions appropriate to beguile a spa stay and for plenty of free time and sport activities in Piešťany and its surroundings all the year round.

Our spa guests like to accomplish the various walks on the Spa Island (see a chapter The Spa Island and a nature) or smaller tours in the surroundings. From the Spa Island it is possible to go for a walk or a tour in any direction you like.

Close to the Colonnade Bridge norward you can walk on the natural island named Lido, that spreads between the main course of Váh and its channel. A channel of the river arose out by a building of a water power station.

At the northern fridge of the Spa Island is a bridge for the pedestrians, which leads to the village Moravany nad Váhom, known for its baroque manor house. Behind this village you can go further in the direction of the Inovec mountain and a wood of this place is appropriate for a tourism or biking.

While a walking along a river to the south, you come to the Sĺňava dam (named for an amount of the sunshine days in Piešťany). It was built in the 1950s, a main reason of this building was an accumulation of a water for the water power station Madunice (a village south of Piešťany). With time, 430 hectares large dam became a centre of a free time and the water sports. This dam is also a preserved natural area, where is situated an artificially built Vtáčí ostrov (the Island of the birds). On the island nest and overwinter many protected wild and migratory birds. That´s why was the dam and its surroundings declared by the European Union as EU – bird protected area. It is located here the largest settlement of the gulls in Slovakia.

Among the Sĺňava Lake Piešťany offers for the visitors and its citizens plenty of opportunities to spend actively a free time:


The thermal swimming pool Eva was built in the years 1933 – 1934 on the Spa Island, there is 50-meters long swimming pool, a small relaxing pool with a thermal water, a pool for children and the large grass plots for relaxing. An indoor 25-meters long pool is closed due to the technical reasons, that´s why is an outdoor pool opened from May till September.

The outstanding opportunities for a swimming and relaxing offer the particular spa hotels (see the chapter The spa hotels).


Piešťany belongs to the most famous centres of Slovak tennis sport, with its work with the young competitors and its organisation of the international tournaments. There are two large tennis centres, in the town park and in the southern part of the town. The tennis courts are also on the Spa Island.

Am Nordrand der Kurinsel befindet sich ein Golfplatz mit interessanter Geschichte. Bereits im Jahre 1914 wurde der Golfplatz mit neun Löchern errichtet. Nach dem Jahre 1948 wurde aus politischen Gründen der Golfplatz aufgelöst. Die dort stehende Villa und die schöne Umgebung nutzte allerdings einer der tschechoslowakischen kommunistischen Präsidenten für seine Erholung. Der heutige Golfplatz wurde dann im Jahr 2004 nach einer Neuerrichtung wieder geöffnet.

To the best-known events in Piešťany are The Opening of the Spa Season and “Concours d´Elegance” – The Gold Laces (Zlaté stuhy), a meeting of the old-timers in Mai/June.

A cultural life in Piešťany offers a variety of opportunities. The old traditions of concerts and theatre performances is annual continued in a form of the Piešťany Festival with an international participation. By the end of the summer the film festival “Cinematik” and the flower exhibition “Victoria Regia” with a flower promenade take place.

Piešťany is a town of the sculptures and the fountains, which you can admire by the walks in the town and on The Spa Island. As a tradition of the outdoor exhibitions of plastic art takes place annual “The Statue of Piešťany Parks”

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