The spa town Piešťany is situated in the southwest of Slovakia in the lower valley of the river Váh and its elevation is 162 m. On the eastern side runs along the valley the Považský Inovec mountains, on the western side the Little Carpathians (Malé Karpaty). A distance of the valley between the both mountain-chains is in this area about 10 – 12 kilometres.

The region of Piešťany belongs to the warmest areas of Slovakia. Its climate is warm, with a hot and relatively dry summer, calm autumn, mild winter, mild breezes and with the average yearly rainfall totals oscillated about 600 mm. The circumferent branch of the river Váh and the small lakes with the lotus flowers on the Spa Island with a thermal water never freeze.

In consideration of a favourable location and a mild climate belongs Piešťany to the towns with the highest number of the sunshine days in Slovakia.

An amount of the sunshine days, the favourable climate conditions and the beautiful Spa Park make a spa stay perfectly.

In the past there was on the today´s Spa Island a riparian woodland, mainly with the willow-trees and the poplars. A lot of the small lakes and a water-logged soil considerably make more difficult a movement on the island. Anyway, it was a natural area rich on a flora and a fauna. The remains of these biotopes are situated along the Slňava lake. With a drainage of the Spa Island before more than 200 years were the conditions in a nature changed. Instead of the plants preferred a humidity were used by a rebuilding of the Spa Park mainly the xerophily plants, whereby a local climate and the soil conditions were considered. The gardeners of Earl Erdödy naturalized here the trees and the bushes from all over the world, mainly from eastern Asia and North America, so that nowadays the exotic plants create about 80 percent of all sorts on the Spa Island. The oldest trees in the Spa Park are about 150 years old. A lot of the trees and the bushes beautify the Spa Island all the year and make the convenient conditions for a comfortable and relaxing spa stay.

A barycentre of the Spa Island is more than 100 years ago created a main alley with the pyramid poplars. It leads from the Colonnade Bridge along all the Spa Island to a golf course and was created in the north-eastern direction to be the medieval castle ruin Tematín seen on a horizon – on the top of the Inovec mountains.

A distinctiveness of the Spa Island are the small lakes with the lotus flowers watering with a thermal water, they were built in 1934 – 1935 and became a favourite place for the visitors.

The biggest trees in the Spa Park are the plane-trees. They offer with their dense leaves and a large tree-top a pleasant shadow by the walks.

To the other unique trees on the Spa Island belong:

By the walks through the Spa Island you may drink a sulphur thermal water at the several places.

Beside an amount of the nice trees and bushes you can see in the Spa Park an enclosure for various kinds of wild birds and the peacocks – a symbol of Piešťany.

A unique kind of the birds in Piešťany is a swan. The swans gather often beneath the Colonnade Bridge, they are used to be fed here.

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